Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Title: The Adjustment Bureau

Release Date: March 4, 2011

Directed by: George Nolfi

Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt


If you’re the paranoid conspiracy-theorist, type, The Adjustment Bureau is right up your alley. And even if you aren’t, it may still leave you pondering – is everything happens based on chance, or done according to a “plan”? How much does free will factor into what happens in the world?

Loosely based on a short story of the name “Adjustment Team”, the film follows David Norris (Damon), a young and charismatic Congressman in New York who is running for Senate. After meeting a woman named Elise (Blunt), he encounters a group of people who refer to themselves as “The Adjustment Bureau.” They tell him that it is their job to “adjust” certain things in the world to make sure everything follows the plan written out by their leader, who is only referred to as the Chairman. Norris is also told that he may never see Elise again because it goes against this plan.

Going off the trailers, you may be expecting an exciting, science-fiction action thriller. While elements of those are certainly present, the heart of the movie is the love story between Norris and Elise. That may turn some people off initially, but it is extremely well-done and not tacked on like in many other movies. The excitement and anticipation of watching members of the Adjustment Bureau chase Norris seamlessly blends in with this love story, creating extremely an extremely personable character in Norris, no doubt helped by a great performance from Matt Damon.

Unfortunately, while the performances and stories surrounding those two stars are excellent, the film falls in other aspects, notably the fictional elements of the Adjustment Bureau works. Not only does it not explain huge elements of the organization, instead leaving us to ponder based on a few sentences said by its members in passing, but the elements it does explain seem completely arbitrary. For example, it is more difficult for them to “read” people when they are near water, such as when they are on a boat or when it is raining. Even though this is introduced early in the movie, it doesn’t make sense then, and never does.

I was drawn to this movie by the idea that it would focus mainly on the titular organization, but that ended up being the least interesting part of this movie. Still, I would highly suggest seeing it just for the amazing performances from Damon and Blunt – they’ve done an amazing job of making these characters indentifiable to the point that you are constantly waiting to see what will happen to them next.

Final score: 8/10


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yuhn Returns

After a hiatus that lasted over a year, yuhn has finally returned, but with some major changes. While I’ve been busy writing for several sites around the web, including Android Police, yuhn has been dormant, displaying the same farewell post from November of 2009 that I chalked up while honestly believing that I would never publish another article for the site again. However, for no apparent reason, I recently got the urge to return to a blog run by myself, especially one focusing on the three things I simply cannot live without–reviews, previews, and features of movies, games, and basically every other source of entertainment. So, with my sudden lust to get back to personal writing, I thought “Why not bring back yuhn?”

And that’s what brings us to this post. I haven’t much to say, seeing that I am still working hard to fine-tune some things, but I cordially invite you back to yuhn, which has been “reborn”, so to speak. I hope you’ve taken notice of our new logo, as well as our refined Twitter account, and I can’t wait to get back to blogging at the site where my fan base first began to grow.
It’s official: yuhn is back.

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The End of yuhn

Wait, what?

Yes, unfortunately, the yuhn blog is over. There is a plethora of reasons as to why posting will cease here, but the most important thing you need to know is that it most certainly will.

As you’ve probably noticed, the blog has never become incredibly popular. With only a little over 300 views, mostly from the VGXPO  coverage, yuhn didn’t have too bright a future to begin with. And you’ve probably also realized that posting has become less and less frequent.

I hate it too, because I love writing, movies, and games still. That’s why, although the blog will end, my writing doesn’t. You can check it out on the yuhn twitter feed, which will now be known as “NateKimmey” as opposed to “yuhn”. I’ve been accepted to write for different websites, and you can still follow my work there.

For memories’ sake, I’m keeping the blog up, but don’t expect any new posts.


Click here to go to the new personal twitter feed for me, Nate Kimmey, to get updates on all my writing positions.

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Hands-On Impressions: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

This post has been removed from yuhn. Check back when a link will be available to the same article posted on a new game site.

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Thoughts From VGXPO

As you know, I was at VGXPO today, and it was a lot of fun. Although I got there slightly later than I had planned (around 2:00 P.M.), I still got to experience a lot, and I’m very glad – there was plenty to see!

Walking in, the biggest and most fun exhibit was immediately noticeable – the “World of Nintendo” exhibit, which allowed visitors to play such Nintendo games as Wii Sports Resort, Punch-Out!!, Wii Fit Plus, assorted WiiWare and DSiWare games, and the unreleased New Super Mario Bros. Wii and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. I was immediately greeted by the very friendly staff of the exhibit and given a blue lei with a Wii Sports Resort tag on it. The World of Nintendo exhibit was incredibly organized, and I got a chance to play all of the games a lot faster than I expected.

I was surprised to see a booth from Zelda Reorchestrated, one of my favorite websites. I got a free promotional CD from them, and got the chance to talk to the creator. I also saw a lot of artwork for sale, some I bought, including a beautiful picture of Marth from Fire Emblem and some painted keychains.

There was also a booth for developer Storm City Games, with a demo for the upcoming System Flaw – a game exclusively for the DSi because it uses the DSi’s camera for all of it’s gameplay. I only had a short time with it, and while it was interesting, it was quite novel, and had sub-par graphics.

Check back for some pictures from the expo!

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Hands-On Impressions: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Earlier today, at the VGXPO in Philadelphia, I got to test out some games at the World of Nintendo exhibit, which was definitely my favorite part of the show. I payed a lot of attention to three in particular, because they are still unreleased: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and the WiiWare game Pokemon Rumble. You’ll get to read my impressions of each of them soon, and below you can read about my experiences with New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Playing the game, you’ll immediately notice that the games visuals, while some of the best on the Wii, are vastly similar to those of the original New Super Mario Bros. on the DS. Single player gameplay is mostly unchanged as well, but that’s obviously not the big deal in this game – the new multi-player element is the real show here. And it’s no gimmick; a four-player Mario game really works, and it works quite well.

Similar to The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, the multi-player mode is a mixture of co-operation and competition. When a player dies, they will momentarily reappear on the screen in a bubble which will float around the screen until a player hits it. Players can also co-operate by having one player jump on top of another, gaining extra height that may only be accessible in that fashion.

The competitive parts add a lot of fun to the game, even if they are not very integral to actual gameplay. When a block is hit, a mushroom will be released for each player, though it is possible for one player to get more than one (after one, they will just gain points), so one player could stop all others from gaining power ups. Players also compete in number of lives and coins, which are counted at the end of the level.

I didn’t get a chance to use the new penguin suit, which allows you to freeze enemies, though I did use the Propeller Suit and Yoshi, which both help add a large amount of depth to gameplay. The Propellor Suit is controlled by shaking the Wii Remote back and forth, and can help cover a lot of ground very quickly; it can also use a drill-like move, similar to a butt-stomp but from a much greater height. Controlling Yoshi is even more fun, because it gives a speed boost and the ability to eat almost any item – a fire flower can be eaten, which allows the player to shoot a fireball, and even other players can be eaten and shot out (which could be considered another competitive part of the game).

Really, the game is not much more than you would expect, though there is a small fortune of new features that make the game unique. And with all the elements of the original games and New Super Mario Bros., you’ll definitely want to pick up this assured best-seller.

Image credit: Couch Campus (here), MyWii (here), IGN (here).

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VGXPO Live Blogging

Currently, I am on my way to VGXPO in Philadelphia. Be sure to check here, the twitter feed, and the Qik live video streaming!

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